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One month prior bloom spray with 2-3 lit/ ton AUXENOL (soil activator) and 2,5 lit FS/347 (10-0-0) with aminoacids.

In case of Zinc deficiency spray with 2-3 lit / ton OLIGO-8Zn (12-0-0+8Zn) adequate time before bloom.

Spray after fruit setting with 2 lit/ton AUXENOL, and 2,5 lit FS/347.

For fruit size increase spray after setting with 250cc/ ton GIGANTOL. Repeat 2-3 times at 10-15 days intervals.

In case of Magnesium deficiency spray with 2-3 lit OLIGO-8Mg(12-0-0+8Mg) / ton Spray with 2-3 lit. ORGANIKON +2 lit. FS/291 / ton.


Spray with 2 lit/ton ORGANIKON (0-0-30), 1-2 times at 15 days intervals.
Apply ORGANIKON for fine skin and firm juicy flesh.
  1. For extending the harvest period,
  2. For improving rind resistance while fruits remain on trees.
  3. For reducing losses originating from rind aging at harvest.
Spray with 160-400 cc./ton VIO-GIBB 5SL, just before the marketable color has developed (3) Spray 3-6 weeks before fruits change their color. Sprays with VIO-GIBB 5SL prevent rind disorders, retard aging and produce a regular harvesting pattern.
Use 20 lit/hectare AUXENOL + 2 kg AVANTAGE 20-20-20 1-2 times at 15 days intervals Use 20 lit/hectare AUXENOL at 15-20 days intervals
ACARIDOIL 13SL (13% Potassium fatty acids) Spray against White flies(Aleurothrixus flocossus ),Aphids (Aphis spp) ,Scales (Diaspididae Coccidae), Thrips (Thrips spp.) and Mites, with 19 lit. / ton with the appearance of the infestation. Repeat when necessary. Suitable for organic farming.

PARAFFINIC OIL VΙΟRYL 98.5EC (Paraffinic oil 98.5%). Spray against the red scale (Aonidiella aurantii), citrus mealybug (Planococcus citri), black scale (Saissetia oleae), the white scale (Aspidiotus nerii), Parlatoria zizyphi and other scale insects, mites and whiteflies, with 1000 - 1300 ml/100 liters, or 500 ml of the formulation in combination with the approved dose of an insecticide or acaricide, using 2-4tons of spray liquid / hectare. Can be applied throughout the year. Recommended sprays: Spring (with the onset of vegetation), Summer, Autumn and Winter. The best time is early June to late September. In case of severe infestation can be sprayed in winter as well (February-March). Maximum number of applications / growing season: 4

PIRETHRO VIORYL 5SC (Pyrethrins 5%). Spray against aphids with 0,5-0,6 lit/ ton with the appearance of infestation.

BORDEAUX MIX VΙΟRYL 20WP (Calcium copper sulphate 20%). Spray against the mal secco disease Phoma tracheiphila, Stem, leaves and fruit infesting bacteria (Pseudomonas syringae) with rates of 4kg /ton of water using 2-2.5 tons of spray water /hectare. Preventive sprays starting in autumn when conditions are favorable. Spray after frost or hale damage.Max no of sprays/ cropping season: 4

COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%). Spray against the Mal secco disease (Phoma tracheiphila) the Anthracnose, (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) and Septoriosis (Septoria spp.) with rates of 1.6 kg /ton of water, using 2-2.5 tons of spray water / hectare , that is 320-400 gr./1000m2. Apply with the first autumn rain. Apply against the stem and leaves bacteria (Pseudomonas syringae) with rates of 1.6kg /ton of water, using 2-2.5 tons of spray water/hectare or 320-400 gr./1000m2, Applications are made before the rainy season and after hale or frost.
Spray against the fruit infesting (Phytophthora spp.) with rates of 1.6kg/ton of water, using 2-2.5 tons of spray water/hectare, or 320-400 gr./1000m2 . Begin applications at the 2nd half of October and repeat after 3-4 months. Spray the lower branches to a height of 1,5 m. above soil level. Max no of sprays/year: 3