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Metalon is a trace element solution, recommended for all kinds of cultivations for preventing or correcting trace element deficiencies. Suitable for foliar sprays as well as for root applications. The best results are obtained when applied to the early stages of plants.
4%MgO - 1.5%Fe - 1.5%Zn -0.5%Mn - 0.5%Cu - 0.3%B - 0.01%Co - 0.01%Mo
Fruit trees (Peach-Pear-Apples-Citrus trees)-Grapes:
Spray once when growth starts in early spring. Repeat after 15-20 days and once after fruit set.
Corn-Small grains:
Make 2-3 sprays at 15 days intervals. Make the first spray when young plants have developed some foliage.
All Vegetables:
Make 2-3 foliar or soil applications at 15-20 days intervals at the early stages of their development.
Make one application (foliar spray or soil application) one month after sowing or transplanting when plants are still young. Repeat two times at 15-20 days intervals. Repeat whenever is necessary.

Plants respond better when Metalon is used in a moderate cool/ warm weather.

RATES: 2-4 lit / 1 ton of spray water and 2-4 lit for 1000m2 field for soil applications. Use the higher rates for heavier deficiencies.

  • Contains the 7 most important trace elements in balanced quantities for plant nutrition.
  • These trace elements compounds are effectively absorbed from the leaves.
  • Metalon can be combined with most agrochemicals in the spray water. Trace elements do not react with agrochemicals as occurring in other similar solutions.
  • Suggested to treat all kinds of chlorosis, which are not typical and are not easily distinguished. Metalon is suitable to treat interacting deficiencies among these 7 elements as well. The beneficial results are quickly obtained and plant leaves take a deep green colour.
  • 250 ml bottles, 20/box
  • 1 lit bottles, 12/box
  • 12 lit drums