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AVANTAGE(15-5-30) + trace elements

Water-soluble fertilizer, foliar or soil applied. Recommended for the fruiting stages of fruit trees, vegetables and for flowers and ornamentals. Provides a 1:2 ratio of N:K with stabilized nitrogen. Using this fertilizer the risk of excessive top growth is minimized in favour of lateral growth. This blend provides excellent nutrition, managing the top growth and hardening stems and foliage. Avantage (15-5-30) is totally water-soluble and suitable for all soil types and for all environmental conditions (cold and hot weather).
NPK (15-5-30)
All kind of leafy vegetables
Potato -Sugar beets
Fruit trees - Citrus trees
Ornamentals-Flowers-House plants
For foliar applications use 50-200 gr./ 100 lit of spray water, depending on crop and plant growth stage. For applications with drip irrigation use 10-30 kg / hectare.
For applications in trees, the product can be applied directly to the soil and then be dissolved with watering.
Recommended for the pre-maturation period of the fruits. The excellent ratio of fertilising elements and the ease with which they are absorbed by the plants ensures that the application of this fertilizer improves the size and the colour of the fruits and at the same time it increases the sugar content. It can be used with drip, under-foliage or over-foliage irrigation systems, or can even be applied straight onto the soil.
Τοmato–Eggplant–Pepper: Apply after the first fruits have set. Repeat 4-5 times at 15-20 days intervals.
Melon-Watermelon-Squash: Apply during the fruit growing period, at 15-20 days intervals.
All kind of leafy vegetables: Apply at the final stages of growing.
Potato -Sugar beets: Apply at the bulb/tuber and root growing period until the end of the fertilizer applications.
Cotton: Apply after the fruits have formed. Make 2-3 applications at 15-20 days intervals.
Tobacco: Apply from the beginning of the leaves growing period until late summer, at 15-20 days intervals.
Grape: Use after the fruit set at 10-15 days intervals.
Fruit trees - Citrus trees: Applications after the fruit set increase production and improve the nutritional status of trees in order to maintain their productivity the next year as well.
Banana: Apply every 15-20 days, starting from the bloom and during the period of fruit development.
Ornamentals-Flowers-House plants: Apply where needed during flowering, after flowering and in late summer, at intervals of 10-15 days.
For pot plants: Apply in the potting soil, 1-2 teaspoons per pot depending on the size of the pot and water.
25 kg sacks