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Water soluble powder with beneficial micro-organisms and mycorrhizal fungi. For soil and foliar applications to agricultural crops: trees, vegetables, open-field crops and ornamentals, for outdoor and greenhouse uses.
Endomycorrhizal fungi belonging to the genus Glomus (G.coronatum GU53, G.caledonium GM24, G. intraradices GG31, G. mosseae GP1, G. viscosum GC41)
Biologically active bodies Rhizosphere bacteria: Bacillus subtilis BA41, Streptomyces spp SB14,
Saprophytic fungi Beauveria basiana BB48, Pochonia chlamydosporia PC50
Spread in the field before sowing/ transplanting the crop. The usual higher rates do not exceed 6 kg /hectare. For topical application the rates are reduced in relation to specific use.

At the seed nursery / rootstock plantings: Use at rates of 0,5-1kg/m3 of soil substrate, homogenizing uniformly when the substrate is dry. Can be also applied after the sprouting of the seedlings with rates of 200 gr./100 lit of water. Spread the solution with 1 lit at every 10 m of soil surface.

At the field (vegetables, industrial plants, tobacco, cotton, cereals, potato and root crops) Greenhouse ( vegetables, strawberry, ornamentals) : Use before sowing/ planting, with rates 2-6kg/ hectare. Two applications could be performed with the half quantity. Apply by irrigation or by placing some powder (1-5 gr.) in the planting hole. Powder could be spread directly onto the root at planting for both annuals and perennials.

Fruit and nut Trees: Apply 10 -50gr./ tree depending on the age and size of the tree.

Grapes Kiwi fruit: Apply 10 -30gr./ tree

Olive: Apply 20 -100gr./ tree

The beneficial micro-organisms inhabit the root-mass; they cohabitate with mycorrhizal fungi, which have a great influence on the growth of plants. The essence of the action of fungi consists in supplying the plants with nitrogenous and carbonaceous elements of nutrition in some cases and, in others, in the supply of auxiliary nutrients or biotic substances.
1kg boxes, 10 /box
100gr boxes, 30/box